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I've never been terribly close with one set of cousins on my mom's side. I went to high school with one of them and one my friends refused to believe that we were even related. Anyway, I had a holiday dinner with them (we're getting a bit closer in our "old age") and the cousin I went to school with asked me if I remembered someone from school. I didn't, because I honestly had four friends in school and none of them were that person. Everyone else was awful to me or actively ignored me.

Anyway, he said he'd talked to her recently and mentioned that I was coming over for dinner. She said she'd always liked when I wrote stories for class and had thought I was really talented. I...still had no idea who he was talking about, even though I really wish I did.

It got me thinking how I really wish that she'd told me these things back then. Or at least given me the slightest bit of positive feedback. I spent high school hating myself and thinking that everything I did was worthless and stupid. I don't know. I know everybody had their own shit to deal with in school. But maybe if someone had something nice to me, I wouldn't have hated myself so much.


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